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Land Use Map

Land Use Planning

The Strategic Planning Department within Council's Futures Planning Group comprises:
  • Senior Leader
  • Strategic Planners
  • Natural Environment Planners
  • Environmental Project Officers
  • Environmental Project Coordinators
  • Wallis Lake Catchment Management Plan Implementation Officer (shared with Great Lakes Council)
  • Section 94 Officer

The Department also is responsible for Heritage Planning and the administration of the Local Heritage Assistance Fund in conjunction with the NSW Heritage Office. Council employs a consultant Heritage Advisor for 3-4 days per month to assist with its extensive Heritage program.

Land use and development within the Greater Taree Local Government Area (LGA) is managed through a hierarchy of state and local strategies, plans and policies. Greater Taree's planning framework consists of the following key elements:

A New Planning System for NSW

The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure are currently reviewing the planning system for NSW and have released a White Paper for comment. Council has provided a submission on the White Paper which outlines issues that would affect how we plan for our local area. This submission is available for the community to view. Information on the White Paper and how to make a submission by 28 June 2013 is available at

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